The Honeysuckle Labone
Address: Fourth Dade Street
Telephone: +233558007995
Email: labone@thehoneysucklepub.com


Vincent TwumVincent Twum
16:33 24 Feb 22
It's a very nice place. I loved their drinks and food but my only challenge was that I inhaled a lot of cigarettes smoke cos many of the customers there were smoking just at an open space.. I suggest that they provide a non smoking area for customers who don't like to be around cigarette smoking area.
Ivy Emefa DamalieIvy Emefa Damalie
19:21 22 Feb 22
My friend and I visited Honeysuckle, Labone last night and had an awful experience. We ordered our drinks from a waitress (Anita) and was still glancing through the menu since we weren’t sure what we wanted. After some few minutes, we signaled to a staff (BB) who took our orders since the other staff (Anita) was waiting on other tables due to the busy nature of the place at the moment. Unbelievably, we waited on our food for nearly two hours( 1hr 45mins to be precise). We were getting agitated so decided to signal the waitress who brought our drinks(Anita) and asked her if our order was ready and could follow-up, but from her expression, she had no idea what we were talking about. So, we told her that, her colleague (BB) took our order almost two hours ago. Even if we hadn’t ordered, she was to come back to our table to ask if we needed anything else since our glasses were empty. Only for us to get to BB, he also said he told a colleague ( Richard) to take the order but he didn’t actually do as he was told.We were really hurt aside being famished. So the question I asked was, Why didn’t Anita ask whether we needed anything else after clearing our table (glasses) ?. Providing good and quality customer care services should be their core, you may serve great food and drinks but the way you handle your customers would determine whether to return or not.I am a manager myself at a health institution so I really know what I am talking about. The funny thing was that, they were unapologetic about the situation which got me furious and we had to leave to a place nearby(Shogun) to find something to eat. I expected them to take control of the situation at least , trying to retake the order but hell no. And trust me, at (Shogun) , their customer care services were awesome and terrific from the moment we entered, ordered our food and they finding out if we really enjoyed our meal.You loss two customers last night and I don’t know about other customers whom have also gone through this horrible experience.I would be grateful if the manager or owner really reads this piece and train or sensitize their staff on quality customer care services and improvement before they collapse the business.Thank you.
Sherley Pierre LouisSherley Pierre Louis
09:38 19 Jan 22
Music was on point.. place was cleaned and the vibe was good. One of my favorite places to go when I traveled to Cape Coast
Gyamfi Blessing CyrilGyamfi Blessing Cyril
23:11 08 Dec 21
I really like this place a lot.They have a good customer service experienceAverage pricesIt's even just buy the road site and its a good place for football lovers to watch live matchesThe only thing that is my concern about this place is their car pack. You'll find it difficult sometimes to pack when you don't get there early.Good Meals as well.And I also like how they allow people to standby and watch matches for freeGood work done there👍👍
Chip DuncanChip Duncan
22:17 17 Oct 21
Second location...same great food and service. This is the quieter of the two. So easier to relax and enjoy.